08/09/2022 08:13
Legacy Wall

Good evening everyone, I am writing to you tonight to express my gratitude for all the hard work and support you have given to our club over the past few months. I have been genuinely taken aback by how you have all pulled together as a community to drive standards forward both on and off the field.  Unfortunately though, our club is facing a major challenge, we find ourselves entering this season without flood lights. Our existing lights were structurally unsound and a serious safety hazard. They were removed following confirmation we had satisfied the criteria for a sport grant. Sp.....

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porthcawlrfc @porthcawlrfc
02/10/2022 19:05:56
We are delighted to announce our Youth Captain Josh Woodbridge has now been appointed Captain of the @boys_rugby sq… https://t.co/79gLa0MQwe


porthcawlrfc @porthcawlrfc
01/10/2022 18:17:39
What a day!! 42 players to launch our #SuperSeconds massive shout out to Gareth Davies, Chris Blake and Mike Fraser… https://t.co/XwWWpbUfXJ


porthcawlrfc @porthcawlrfc
30/09/2022 20:36:07
Go well Gabe! 👊 https://t.co/gBo941TArN