28 March 2022 / Club News

Under 15s through to Junior District Semi-Final

Porthcawl 55 Measteg 5
The sun was shining lovely for running rugby and we welcomed Maesteg down for the  cup.
We have started slowly for the last couple of weeks and we emphasised to the forwards that they had to creat  quick ball and get our backs on the front foot . Straight  from the kick off a confident Finnian caught the ball and offloaded to Dex who put Dewi into space who drew the defender and put Sam into space and he raced over, it was so quick Dai Flan who had the kicking T hadn’t even left the changing room so Mack had to drop kick the ball.
From the restart same again Finnian caught the ball and fed the runner on his shoulder moving us over the half way and we were awarded a scrum. Planned move where Dex hit Sam on a drift pass to again scorch over two tries in less than 5min.
Our forwards really worked hard to create quick ball,  I think we only lost the ball twice in the rucks when we have been loosing over 10in a game. thanks to the forwards being more connected hitting rucks but also offloading rather than taking the ball into contact and getting isolated rucking was much better.
Where Ben and Finnian really stood out hitting the rucks low even when Measteg were over the ball they managed to clear them out. Forwards made some  monster  runs  Monty, Evs, Piers hard to pull down and gave us go forward ball and we span the ball out for Oscar to power over coming on short ball. Again we generated quick ball, Dex moving it out for Mack to race over.
There were two tries of the match for me first one by Finnian after we moved the ball right and stretched the defence the ball then moved left and finnian like a demented gazelle sprinted half the pitch showing a great turn of pace, like his dad in his hay day. Dex then crossed after again moving the ball from side to side creating space down the middle. After this things got sloppy we had too many players trying to be the hero and score rather than offloading and we had too many forwards standing out of rucks slowing our ball down. Measteg to their credit really came back and with both Oscar and Fin making some last ditch tackles to keep them out. We can’t afford to hold onto the ball with players outside especially with the back 3 we have, who can score for fun if they get the ball. After a few choice words to move the ball we started the second half really well. From a set play move from the scrum beau moved the ball out to Dewi who got on the outside of the 10 with Mack running a great out to in line to cross again.  forwards really picked up their game hitting rucks creating quick ball and again a memorable  try of the game for me where we moved the ball wide offloading out of tackles to recycle the ball with Evs passing the ball out seeing the space the backs had outside with ball moving through the hands for Cae to cross in the other corner a great team try.  I think every player touching the ball in that try.
Measteg really came back hard and although our defence was really putting up a fight holding two or three players up over the line and then dragging them back but pressure paid, Maesteg scored but I was pleased with the defensive effort to try and keep Measteg out. Game finished with Sam intercepting the ball as we pushed up in defence.
The attitude of all the boys was excellent even the boys who didn’t start were encouraging the boys and made an impact when they came on which is what we want.
Our forward play was much better and more connected in the rucks and of course offloading was top draw which allowed the backs to do their magic. There were a number of outstanding performances out there every one of the backs played well and put their hand up but they can only show their magic if the forwards do the hard work. I thought Ben really put a shift in hitting rucks holding players up he had the bit between his teeth, finnian although  surprised for me nominated man of the match, was confident under the high ball, he moved the ball out of contact and also scored a great try and he really got stuck into the rucks.
Bridgend Sports away next week let’s keep this up and carry on playing this brand of rugby well done boys for giving the best Mother’s Day present a happy child.
Thanks to Ian for refereeing
Tries Sam 3, Cae, Dex, Finnian, Mack 2, Oscar

Conversions Mack 5

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